• PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B
  • PA-W801B

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200mm powered oversized, down-firing, subwoofer in ported enclosure with high efficiency D-Class amplifier

By using a down-firing 200mm subwoofer with superior speaker technologies and a high efficiency D-Class amplifier, the audio system generates high-quality 400W sound and powerful bass while still being very compact. (450x300x150mm)
  • Amplificador clase D
  • Altavoz sobredimensionado
  • Filtro pasa bajo
  • Circuito potenciador de graves
  • Amplificador incluido
  • Entrada con nivel de altavoces

Características Destacadas

Amplificador Clase D 400W Max
Down Firing Ported Enclosure
Compact design, Can be installed under the seat
Woofer Cone with Reinforcing Ridges & Dual Area cap
High Durability, Stress Controlled, Spider
Optimized Magnetic Circuit
Air Cooling System
Side panel with Detachable Power Connector
Control remoto con cable (Nivel / Frec./Fase de control)