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On-ear Headphone

The KH-KR900 is the flagship product in KENWOOD’s latest headphone lineup. This on-ear model has been designed to produce stunning sound quality while providing comfort during prolonged use, letting users enjoy a moment of calm and focus in the hectic world of business and travel. KENWOOD’s renowned audio expertise and technology have been incorporated to produce quality-sound headphones for sophisticated travelers.

Características Destacadas

High quality sound & comfortable fitting On-ear headband headphones
Rich bass and clarity mid-high end with 40mm diaphragm neodymium driver units
Soft ear-pads for excellent sound isolation and comfortable fit
Detachable single-sided 1.2m flat cord
Flat foldable structure for portable use
In-line 1 button remote control and microphone for handsfree calling
Quad Duct Engine reproduce Rich & tight bass sound
Color: Negro

Especificaciones del Auricular

Driver unit40 mm
Respuesta de frecuencias7Hz ~ 28kHz
Maximum Input Capability1000 mW(IEC)
Conector3.5mm straight, Gold plated, iPhone, iPod, iPad -and Android devices compatible
Cord Lenght1,2 m
Remote Control + MicrophoneSi, in-line 1 button smart remote control
Peso (sin cable)200 g
AcesoriosDetachable cable, Carrying pouch

Headphones Logistic Info

Código UPC019048212924
ITF Code Master Carton10019048212921
Content Master Carton5 piezas
Size Master Carton (WxDxH)0,51 x 0,205 x 0,315 m
Volume Master Carton0,033 m3
Weight Master Carton2,9kg
Dimensiones del embalaje (AnxFoxAl)0,183 x 0,095 x 0,275 m
Volumen del embalaje0,005m3
Peso del embalaje0,47kg
País de origenChina